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Climate change affecting our lives

This is the 21st century, an era of progress, advancement and the utmost echelon of modernization. This has made the human life so convenient but with all these perks comes the pessimistic fact; the immense and drastic change in climate. The harsh climate change is affecting human lives in every possible way. The melting of glaciers, floods, tornadoes, soil erosion are some of the drastic effects of climate change. The question to ponder on is what is the cause of change in climatic conditions? The answer is quite simple; rapid industrialization, deforestation, pollution and increase in population are some of the causes of the change in climate. Forest are innate buffer systems, they keep the climate conditions of a region in a normal and controlled range by balancing them with rain.
Due to the drastic change in climatic conditions, humans are now more than ever prone to cancers, cataracts, eye infections, etc. This is because of the amplified exposure to ultra-violet radiations which in turn is because of light-house effect caused by the deforestation, increased pollution, and use of cfcs and aerosol sprays.
The climate is rapidly changing and we need to strive harder and prompt to stop these climatic changes from affecting us and damaging our beautiful earth. Let’s start changing from individual level and spread this revolution to the national level and create awareness; stop using plastic bags instead use recyclable bags, increase the use of lead free petroleum products, avoid using aerosol sprays, and last but not the least plant more tress to increase the natural buffering capacity.
This earth is our residence and it is our utmost responsibility to take the best possible care of it, let’s take the oath that we’ll protect and nourish our home and will make this earth a heavenly consign and stop the climate change.