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Climate change: Cause and Effects

Have you ever thought of the abrupt climatic changes that are taking place all around the globe? Actually these are some of the changes that are caused by the modifications in the earth atmosphere. Scientists are predicting some of the worse incidents in the coming years. The average rainfall, flooding period and wind blow rates have drastically changed mainly due to these modifications. No one knows that what will be the possible picture of climate in the coming years. Is there any synchronization between different human activities and these changes? This article will highlight some of the reasons of climate change and the possible outcomes of these changes.
Globalization has given rise to unexpected rise in human population. To cope with such a large population, industrialization increased at a very drastic pace. The transport sector also improved to give facilities to people inhabiting in this planet. With the increase in these unnatural activities, there increased the concentration of green house gases in the environment. This increase led towards the imbalance and disturbance of natural cycle or climate change. It is a fact that green house gases increase the temperature of earth and trap the heat emitted by the solar radiations. This heat is consequently involved in increasing the temperature of earth.
There is a definite need to address these climatic issues as man stands on the top of the food chain. It is therefore necessary for him to control these changes that are induced by the industrialization and rapid colonization. Scientists are now conducting researches to minimize the direct anthropogenic effects on environment. Meanwhile it is a community responsibility to participate in those campaigns that are derived to decrease the environmental pollution. If climate change continued to increase then the time is near when the human population will be on the verge of the final catastrophe.