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Climatic Change – Not Just A Matter Of Polar Bears

Across the world, climate change is one of the most debated topics these days. In different countries and at different platforms, scientists are presenting their reasoning and predictions about the rapid and drastic changes seen in the overall climate of the world. To understand it in the simplest terms, climate change is actually an average change in the overall behavior of the climate. For example, a look into the climatic patterns of rainfall, day length, temperature increase and other factors reveal that the rainfalls have become very unpredictable, temperature is rising at an abnormal pace and similar is the case with other characters of the climate. Now, this climate change is not just a matter of how polar bears get affected by this, it is a whole lot of a phenomenon which impacts all our life activities.
One of the biggest impacts of climate change has been on the food production capacity of the agricultural countries. Due to an increase in the temperature, there are some countries today where it has become impossible to grow certain crops (crops which need milder temperature range). Similarly, the quality of fruit and certain cereal crops has declined due to high temperature during their growing season. Similarly, the forests have also encountered a stress due to a sudden change in the temperature of the world. Trees are slow in responding to the environmental change and a sudden change leaves them with no option of adapting or shifting towards better ranges. Consequently, the tree species are getting extinct now which is creating a massive loophole in the food chain of out ecosystem. Seas and oceans have also been greatly affected by climatic change and the overall scenario seems alarming. There is an urgent need to address this issue with proper planning and wise strategies in all countries of the world.