Project Save Planet Earth..

For a very long time, questions have been asked about whether mother Earth is able to sustain the entire livelihood which instead is keen on destroying her very essence. With the recent drive to improve the status of the Earth in terms of preserving and conserving its wellbeing, many people and corporations have joined in and stood for the cause. With the worsening trends of climatic change, it goes without saying that every human being should be a part of Project Save Planet Earth.

There are several companies and countries that have been spotted as dangerous stakeholders in the Project Save Planet Earth. These have been known to be pollutants and causes of degradation of Earth. Bearing in mind the fact that there is only one Earth and the better we looked after it, the better our chances of enjoying it longer, it should be everyone’s aim to stay within the limits of environmental conservation.

It is true that some trends of the recent climatic change are a little out of man’s jurisdiction. However, the vast majority of the climatic change cause factors are a result of man made activities and therefore there is need to curb the rate at which man is misusing the Earth and its resources. Man made activities account for the greatest part of the changes although other factors like volcanic eruptions, ocean currents, orbital changes and solar variations are bound to have some effects on the climate of the Earth.

Overall, Project Save Planet Earth looks to involve everyone in whatever small capacity to be able to have a fundamental impact on improving the status of the Earth in regards to climatic changes. Whether it is by proper disposal, use of environmental friendly raw materials in the production process or having rules and regulations against pollution of the Earth, every person, country and corporation can and must contribute to the fight so as to give mother Earth an extended stay.